Enhancing lives one Smile at a Time
Jack Semmens D.D.S
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“I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful my new teeth look. They were matched to the correct size, color and alignment that I had been missing for over 40 years. Your procedure did an exact match to the size and shape of my old teeth with the exception of slight alterations that were needed to make my smile look 1000% better. I get compliments from friends and relatives all the time. People who have not seen me for a while are impressed with how different I look to them now that I have had this work done. I have been going through some adjustments when I look in the mirror each morning. I’m having to get used to the new person I’m looking at!
Yahoo, I look great!”

My sincere compliments go out to Dr. Semmens and his wonderful and professional staff on the outstanding work they have done. Dr. Semmens is a professional who pays attention to the smallest details and sets a high standard not only for himself but for his staff also. I am so much more relaxed and have a much more ready smile now that this work has been done. I am looking forward to many years of having a beautiful smile and teeth that remain white and perfect!”

An important note – prior to this dental work, I was having a problem of blacking out, which was progressing in intensity and frequency. After Dr. Semmens treated me with a corrected orthosis, I have not had one episode of a blackout. It’s been five months now and not a single blackout!”

- Michael
  “As we age our teeth begin to show the wear and tear we have put them through. This can be a distraction from our efforts to be the 'best we can be'. I did not realize just how much until I had procelain veneers done. My teeth are once again 'youthfully perfect'... actually better!”

- Carol
  “Due to the extensive tetracycline treatment for childhood ear infections, my permanent teeth grew in mottled, dark, yellow and gray. I was always extremely self-conscious about their appearance – they looked like the teeth of an elderly, heavy smoker. About ten years ago, I had my front teeth bonded to make them whiter. Although it was a definite improvement, my teeth looked thick and opaque, and eventually began staining and threatening to chip off. Now I have the beautiful white teeth I always dreamed of – my husband says I have a “Hollywood” Smile!”

- Leslie
  “ My teeth have always been important to me. Thanks Dr. Semmens for capturing my gorgeous smile!”

- Bev
  “ I had my smile enhanced for cosmetic purposes because I wanted to look my best. Dr. Semmens came highly recommended to me, and I also had heard of the Las Vegas Institute with which he is affiliated.

My husband is happy with my new smile which means so much…but not as happy as I am!”

- Nancy
  “This is the best thing I have ever done for myself! Thanks Dr. Semmens!”

- Rick
  "The path to my new smile began with pain. I had been suffering with increasing jaw popping and pain over many years. Dr. Jack worked with me to get my jaw muscles into a comfortable "home zone" with an orthotic. This was the first time in 17 years that I didn't cringe when I yawned or opened my mouth wide. As a permanent solution, we went on to do a full mouth restoration. My beautiful new smile is only part of the benefit I have received. The pain is gone and I have had the privilege to get to know Dr. Jack and the rest of the staff better. What a joy!"

- Joyce
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